Chose your Game
Before You Play
Safety FAQ
Age Restrictions
- Minimum age to play is 11 Years old
- Young Guns is for 11 - 14 year olds
- No other restrictions apply

Players Under 18:

-Arms and legs must be covered
-Must wear full face protection
-Must have a parent/guardian (over 18) sign your disclaimer
FPS Limits


- All guns max 340 fps
- semi auto only


-AEG/Pistols max 350fps / 1.14 joules
-DMR (locked to semi) max 450fps / 1.88 joules
-Bolt Action Snipers max 500 FPS / 2.32 joules
FPS measured with 0.2g BBs, guns will be chronographed on arrival
Engagement Distances


- None


DMRs (Over 350fps / 1.14 joules) 20 Meters
BOLT ACTION SNIPERS (over 450fps / 1.88 joules)30 Meters
-Pyrotechnics can only be used by players over 18
-Only pyrotechnics approved by us can be used


-No Smoke Pyrotechnics are allowed
-Pyrotechnics must be thrown under arm


-Smoke Pyrotechnics are allowed
General Info
Kit Hire
If you dont have your own kit / gun you can hire it off us!

Kit Hire Includes:

-Full Face Mask
-A Airsoft Gun*
-1 Magazine

The gun you get will depend on what we have at the time
Arrival Times & Timings
Please arrive on time as arriving late will delay the game, we may start without you


Please arrive 30 minuets before the displayed start time


Start arriving at 8:30
Safety Breif at 9:30
First Game at 10:00
Lunch at 12:30
Finish around 16:00
You will be asked to tick a box agreeing to the following when you book

The organisers cannot take any responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property whilst on any D.T.W Airsoft Site. All participants must read and sign the following agreement before commencement of play to show they understand and will abide by the rules.

Suitability to Participate
I declare I am suitably fit and able to participate in the sport of Airsoft Skirmishing at D.T.W Airsoft. I do not have any existing injuries or illnesses (other than those i disclose to Marshals) that will endanger myself or others while I participate in Airsoft Skirmishing and I will bring any applicable conditions to the attention of D.T.W Airsoft Marshals on each and every skirmish I attend while this document is in place. These include, but are not limited to: Asthma, heart conditions, Diabetes, Epilepsy, physical disability, eye conditions

-Airsoft is an adrenaline-filled action based game where participants shoot airsoft guns at one another, there is a risk of receiving minor injuries such as cuts and bruising from this and a greater risk from trips or falls associated with playing such games in a woodland or urban environment.

-We strongly advise you to wear strong footwear with ankle support

-ALL safety instructions given by directing staff must be followed at all times

-All players must attend a safety briefing

-Move around the site in a safe and responsible manner, it may be slippery, and there may be overhead obstacles exercise caution when moving

-Some areas have limited light and we strongly advise to take caution when moving around in these areas.

-We recommend you wear a full face mask for the event. At your own risk the minimum protection required is shooting glasses. Be aware these do not offer the same protection as a full face mask, they have edge gaps and do not protect your face or teeth. Players under 18 MUST wear full face protection EYE PROTECTION MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES IN THE GAME AREA.

-We run a 3-and-out warning system, this is in place for your and other players' protection. If you are asked to leave due to breaking our rules no refund will be given

-Head shots must be avoided if possible, especially at close range

-Site FPS limits are measured with 0.2 BB. Max FPS for Indoor games is 340fps for AEG and pistol. Max FPS for Outdoor games is 350fps for AEG and pistols, 450fps for DMR (locked to semi) at a minimum engagement distance of 20 meters and 500fps for Bolt Action Snipers with a minimum engagement distance of 30 meters.

-You are agreeing to be shot by airsoft guns at the above velocity, there is a possibility of being shot at point blank range

-Only pyrotechnics approved by site staff may be used. Max Mk 5 or similar. Heavy pyro must be used underarm. Nobody under 18 to use Pyro

-We operate a "NO BLIND FIRING Policy

-No blades or knives are allowed on site, except tools used for gun repair, only LARP safe hand weapons.

-The consumption of alcohol or non-prescription drugs is forbidden on site

-Smoking is not allowed in buildings or covered areas with 3 sides or more

-All liter is to be placed in suitable receptacles supplied by site staff

-Understand I alone take full responsibility for any loss/damage to property or personal injury while playing at D/TW Airsoft she By Signing this declaration you are agreeing you:-
A) have been given a safety briefing/been briefed on the risks involved
B) Accept these activities are dangerous and can result in death or injury and you accept the risks and are responsible for your own actions and/or involvement
C) -You are at least 11 years old