Where we play

D.T.W Airsoft

Gunsmoke Paintball Layer Marney, Colchester, Essex: Maldon Road Layer Marney Colchester Essex CO5 9FH



As we restrict numbers to ensure an enjoyable experience we limit the games to 50 players. If you would like to take part in our next Woodland game bookings must be made before game day.

Please Book on.

Site Rules

The Brief

  • 11-14 year olds must have a guardian on site during the day
  • 15-17 year olds must be signed in by a guardian but do not need to stay on site   
  •  Airsoft is an adrenaline filled action based game where participants shoot airsoft guns at one another, there is a risk of receiving minor injuries such as cuts and bruising from this and a greater risk from trips or falls associated with playing such games in a woodland or urban environment.  
  • We strongly advise you wear strong footwear with ankle support 
  •  ALL safety instructions given by directing staff must be followed at all times 
  • All players must attend a safety briefing   
  • Move around he site in a safe and responsible manner, the ground will be uneven, there will be drops and it may be slippery, there may be overhead obstacles, exercise caution when moving 
  • We recommend you wear a full face mask for the event, At your own risk the minimum protection required is shooting glasses. Be aware these do not offer the same protection as a full face mask, they have edge gaps and do not protect your face or teeth. 
  • Players under 18 MUST wear full face protection.   
  • Head shots must be avoided if possible, especially at close range   Site 
  • fps limits are measured with a 0.2g BB. AEG and pistols 350 max, DMR semi auto 400. Spring sniper 450. DMR and spring sniper have 30 M min engagement distance.  
  • You are agreeing to be shot by airsoft guns at the above velocity   Only 
  • pyrotechnics approved by site staff may be uses, Smoke only.
  • Nobody under 18 to use Pyro  
  •  We operate a “NO BLIND FIRING” Policy   
  • No blades or knives are allowed on site, except tools used for gun repair, only LARP safe hand weapons.
  •  The consumption of alcohol or non prescription drugs is forbidden on site  
  •  Smoking is not allowed in buildings or covered areas with 3 sides or more   
  • All litter is to be placed in suitable receptacles supplied by site 

Game Dates

No upcoming events.

We are a UKARA registered site