What is Airsoft



Airsoft is very similar to paintball in some ways but completely different in others. It is more realistic and a lot cleaner with no paint for a start.

Airsoft is a sporting activity in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical plastic pellets know as BBs launched from replica imitation firearms called Airsoft guns or RIF's.

Does it hurt?

It can sting a little but if you have played paintball before it is nowhere near as painful. 

I want to get into airsoft what should i buy first?

Before you go and buy a gun we suggest that you come to one of our games and hire the equipment to make sure you enjoy the sport. we will supply you with everything you need to play safely for the day 

What do i need to bring on a game day?

If this is your first game and you are hiring from the site there is not much you need to bring but make sure you have the following 

  • good footwear 
  • some money for food or pyros 
  • clothing that covers your arms and legs
  • water/drinks
  • yourself

I have a two tone gun. can i still use that?

Yes of course you can as long as long as it shoots within the FPS limits. 

How old do i have to be to play.

the minimum age you can play is 11 with a parent/guardian on site at the same time.