Game days


The Games

we hold our airsoft games at two exciting locations. the first of these being a purpous built woodland site with a mix of buildings bunkers and forest. The second is our purpose built indoor C.Q.B. which is open five days a week. This is found  in Colchester with our fully stocked shop of airsoft goodies.  We always try and play a mixture of games including team death match, king of the hill, rescue the hostage and many more. With our skirmish events you can be sure that they will be 

  1. Fast paced 
  2. fun for all levels of play
  3. Limited places to make the day more enjoyable.
  4. a chance to meet new people and make good friends  


want to come and play?

If you want to come and join us for our next event simply phone up the shop or come in and book your place. 

click on the button below to contact us 


never played before?

Don't worry if you have never played airsoft before we can give you all the advice you will need to have a safe and enjoyable day gaming.

You can even hire equipment from us for the day so you can see what it is all about before you consider buying your first gun.