C.Q.B. Site Rules


  1. Disclaimers must be filled out and completed before playing
  2. Under 18s must wear full contact face protection
  3. over 18s are strongly advised to wear full face protection
  4. Any medical conditions need to be disclosed to the head marshal
  5. all medication must be kept in the top right pocket.
  6. Suitable footwear must be worn 
  7. shooting the marshalling staff is forbidden
  8. marshals have the final say 
  9. Max 340 FPS on a 0.2g BB
  10. Single shot only
  11. Only rubber/training knives can be used in the game zone
  12. Pyro must be branded (no homemade pyrotechnics)
  13. No smoke gernades can be used inside the gaming arena
  14. No blind firing
  15. A hit is anywhere on the body or gun
  16. Dead players don't talk
  17. No entry on a door means you can't go through that door
  18. no lasers or strobes 
  19. Torches must be filtered
  20. There is no "BANG" rule
  21. No dry firing or loaded guns in the SAFE ZONE
  22. All guns must be unloaded at the unloading bay before entering the SAFE ZONE
  23. No smoking in the SAFE ZONE or Game zone
  24. Aggressive behaviour or language will not be tolerated or allowed 
  25. Cheating will not tolorated
  26. No food or drink in the game zone
  27. Personal property is left at owners risk